Swimming effortlessly faster How many rungs have you climbed?

06 Jan 2016

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2016 Pointers Start at the bottom of the ladder and work your way up!

Pull: Do fingertips point down and elbow stays high?

Catch: Does the wrist stay unbent?

Reach: Do hands extend forward and slightly down?

Entry: Does the arm drop into the water without pause?

Recovery: Is your arm relaxed with a high elbow?

Finish: Does your hand exit the water past your hip?

Center line: Do you avoid crossing the center line with your hands?

Rotation: Does your torso rotate with your stroke?

Bilateral breathing: Can you breathe to both sides?

Head position: Is your head in a neutral position?

Balance: Are your hips near the surface when you swim?

Kicking: Are you using your kick to get across the pool?

Breathing: Are you exhaling under the water?

Floating & relaxing: Can you float on your stomach?