Turbotraining.co.uk - power software


Turbotraining.co.uk is the official provider of turbo trainer software to the Lovetri Swimwerkx team.

The software works seamlessly with any bike and any turbo using an inexpensive dongle to record REAL or proxy power, HR, cadence and speed all in real time. It is 100% web based working in seconds through any web browser onto any device including ipads and windows based devices. 

Use the software to ride pre loaded routes, or load your own.  Race against fellow team mates or follow any of the structured workouts including FTP sessions, interval sessions and longer endurance efforts.  The company also provides market leading cycling and event scheduling softwear and is the proud creator of the Lovetri Swimwerkx web site.

Anyone can have a go for free.  Get referred by a Lovetri Swimwerkx athlete and receive a special discount on rolling membership on sign up.  The cost is less than you'll spend on gels, drinks or bars in a month, for a very much better return!

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